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2529 Houghton Avenue, South Boston
Phone: (434) 575-4240 

 Water and Sewer service is provided to the residents and businesses by the Halifax County Service Authority.  A service application may be obtained by visiting the Authority’s Web site HCSA.

The Service Authority was formed in 2007 by combining the water and sewer assets of the Town of South Boston, the Town of Halifax and Halifax County.  Prior to 2007, the Town of South Boston was the water and sewer purveyor for approximately 80% of the users in the  Urban Planning Area of Halifax County.

 In order to reduce overhead costs by eliminating redundant water and sewer services, lower water and sewer rates for industrial and large commercial users,  pursue standardization of  utility rates  for customers throughout the Urban Development Area, and increase the region’s economic development competiveness , the three governmental units came together to form the Authority. 

Since formation of the Authority, the Town of South Boston and  Town of Halifax water treatment and water distribution systems have been combined and the old Halifax water treatment plant decommissioned.  The Maple Avenue wastewater treatment plant in South Boston is currently undergoing expansion in its treatment capacity to 4 million gallons per day as the result of the regional Authority successfully obtaining a $10,000,000 economic development grant from the federal government.