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Strategic Planning Report - 2020 Priorities

Summary    -     In May 2020, South Boston, Virginia held a Town Council elections.  With a mix of new and returning Council Members, the body hired Complete Community Economies, LLC to facilitate a strategic priorities planning process.  The process began with individual, one-on-one phone conversations between each Council member and Jeff Sadler, lead consultant of Complete Community Economies.  This was done to ensure that each member was able to freely discuss their priorities, successes and concerns.  These responses were anonymous and compiled.  On August 13, Council convened to review the responses.  Jeff Sadler and Natalie Hodge facilitate the session and elicited deeper responses to the issues discussed.  Notably, there was general consensus about the most important items.  Detail was added and compiled.  Natalie and Jeff then sorted the information and met with Council again on August 27.  AT this meeting, the Complete Community Economies team reported the findings of the previous meetings and Council clarified and corrected the items and facilitated further discussion in order to create a common understanding of the results.  The following report lists the priorities as discussed and agreed upon by the South Boston Town Council.