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Frequently Asked Questions

Have questions, we want to help.  Below are some questions our personnel routinely get in reference to our area or our service.  Don't see the question you have, click on the relevant department and maybe they have the answer. Also, feel free to look for what you want to know in the "search" space in the middle of each page or send us your questions directly by going to the bottom of this page and filling out the needed information or go to the help/comment page and send the relevant department your question.

Where can I find what events and activities are coming up?  (click here)

Where can I find assistance with employment? (click here)

How much taxes do I owe?  (click here)

How do I contact Mayor or Council Members?  (click here)

Where do I report a pothole?  (click here)

Where do I report high grass or property in need of cleaning up?  (click here)

How do I file a police report?  (click here)

I am building an addition onto my house, what do I need to do?  (click here)

Don't see your question, click on one of the departments below to see more questions and answers.

Town Manager's Office
Finance Department
Fire Department
Police Department
Planning and Zoning Department
Public Works
Parks and Recreation