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Leaf Collection

Leaf Collection

Loose Leaf

Loose Leaf Collection:

This is a free service available beginning in late Fall and continuing until approximately February 1 of each year.  Exact dates will be advertised in local newspapers and on local radio.                                  No phone call is necessary.

Residents are asked to follow the following guidelines for loose leaf collection:

  • Leaves should be raked over the curb for collection.
  • Leaf piles should be free of sticks, rocks or other debris, etc.
  • Leaf piles should not be placed where vehicles are parked thereby limiting accessibility to piles.
  • Please do not block storm gutters or ditches with leaf piles.

Leaf collection crews will vacuum leaves as promptly as possible.


Bagged Leaves:

This is also a free service available year-round to the residents of South Boston, Virginia.  Bagged leaves must be placed at the curb for collection.  Please call the Public Works Department at (434)575-4260 to schedule a collection.  Bagged leaves will not be collected by the residential refuse collection truck and should be placed at a separate area for collection.


Please be reminded that residents of the Town of South Boston are prohibited from burning yard waste and leaves.