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Patrol Division

The Patrol Division is responsible for providing law enforcement and crime prevention to the residents of the Town of South Boston.  It is comprised of approximately 20 officers. The Patrol Division is divided into four separate platoons, A Platoon , B Platoon, C Platoon and D Platoon with each Platoon working a 5/12-2/12 work week; five twelve hours shifts one week followed by two twelve hour shifts the next.
The shift coverage consists of two shifts; day shift and night shift. Each shift is supervised by a Sergeant with a Lieutenant in charge of the Patrol Division. Patrol Officers work an assigned shift patrolling a specified beat area within the Town of South Boston boundaries, twenty four hours a day, and 365-days a year. Officers provide a 24-hour daily work schedule to provide law enforcement services to the citizens of South Boston.
These law enforcement services include, but are not limited to, serving criminal warrants, making arrests, issuing citations, taking reports, conducting criminal investigations and assisting other law enforcement agencies when needed.
The Patrol Division is the backbone of the South Boston Police Department and works at a high standard providing professional services to the Town of South Boston.  It is headed by a lieutenant with each shift having a Sergeant and Corporal supervising.

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