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Neighborhood drug dealing

What can you do if illegal drugs are being sold in your neighborhood?

You are a long-time resident in your neighborhood in South Boston and just recently you became aware that the rental house down the block has new tenants. These new tenants seem to be very popular because of the following...

  • They always have a constant flow of visitors, 24 hours a day. Most of the visitors arrive by vehicle, but others arrive on foot or on bicycles.
  • The visitors usually spend about five minutes at a time inside the house.
  • Sometimes when pedestrians leave the house, they find the most inconspicuous place in the neighborhood and begin smoking something out of a pipe or even injecting something into their body.
  • You begin to see vehicles parked in front of the house or across the street with people waiting inside.
  • On occasion, you see individuals exchanging money for unknown items in small bags out in front of the house.
  • When you take a walk in the neighborhood, you start seeing discarded syringes, pipes and other miscellaneous items that you believe are narcotic related.

If you live in a neighborhood where some of the above listed examples are occurring, you probably already suspect by now that illegal drugs are being sold from your neighbor's residence. What would you do in a situation like that? Would you just ignore the problem, or would you say "enough is enough" and take action? If you suspect drugs are being sold from a residence, here a few examples of what you could do and the steps you could take to solve the problem in your neighborhood.

  • Contact the South Boston Police Department regarding the problem in your neighborhood. You will also want to get in touch with the sergeant in charge of the zone where the problem exists.
  • Usually, on a problem involving narcotics activity such as the example given, the Halifax/South Boston Regional Drug and Gang Task Force (Task Force) would be assigned the task of solving the problem. The Task Force Detective will be assigned to handle the problem would work hand-in-hand with you to clean up your neighborhood.
  • Call Crime Line to report suspicious activities in your neighborhood 434-476-8445



South Boston Police Department

640 Hamilton Blvd.

South Boston, VA 24592