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Information for applicants


In order for our department to initiate a thorough investigation, by nature of the position applied for, a background investigation is vital.  All information given will only be used to assist in determining your suitability for this position.

Fill in completely and answer all questions correctly on the application either by typing or print using BLACK ink, in your own legible handwriting.  All applicants shall furnish the following:

    1.  Copy of your social security card.

    2.  Copy of actual birth certificate.

    3.  Certified copies of high school transcripts or copy of G. E. D.

    4.  Certified copies of college transcripts.

    5.  Copy of military record / DD-214 (if applicable).

    6.  Copy of last employment evaluation (if applicable).

    7.  Three (3) letters of reference that call you by name and mention the position you are applying for.

If space provided is not sufficient for completing answers or you wish to furnish additional information, attach sheets the same size as this application.   After all of the forms have been completely filled out, they must be hand delivered or mailed to South Boston Police Department, 640 Hamilton Boulevard; South Boston, Virginia 24592.