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Detective Division

Investigations Unit

The members of the South Boston Police Department's Investigations Unit are assigned to investigate felony crimes such as homicide, robbery, sexual assault, child physical/sexual abuse, arson, suspicious death investigations, missing persons, identity theft, forgery, embezzlement, domestic violence, elder abuse, drug and gang investigations and any/other cases requiring follow-up investigation. Detectives assigned to this unit also apprehend offenders and prepare cases for criminal prosecution. Members of the unit are also trained to collect evidence. They also assist other police agencies in the investigation of crimes occurring in other jurisdictions.
The Criminal Investigations Unit consists of two Detectives and are supervised by a lieutenant or the Deputy Chief of Police.

The Drug and Gang Unit consists of two Detectives who work with the Halifax / South Boston Regional Drug and Gang Task Force.  This Unit also is supervised by a lieutenant or the Deputy Chief of Police.

The Detectives assigned to the Investigations Unit are carefully selected from sworn officers within the department based upon demonstrated dedication and excellence in conducting criminal investigations. After being selected to the Investigations Unit, the Detectives are trained in highly specialized criminal and narcotic investigations training. Most of the specialized training is certified by the Department of Criminal Justices Services through Central Virginia Criminal Justice Academy and Virginia Forensic Science Academy .  This training can range from 8 to 360 hours of instruction per school. Examples include Crime Scene Technology, Criminal Investigation, Homicide Investigation, Sexual Assault Investigation, Child Abuse Investigation and Officer Involved Critical Incident Investigation.

All of the Detectives are members of various law enforcement associations that enable them to maintain their skills in specialized areas. Examples include Virginia Homicide Investigator's Association, Virginia Forensic Science Alumni Association, Virginia Gang Investigator Association and International Association for Property and Evidence.
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