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Animal Control

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The basic responsibilities of the Animal Control Officer are to enforce all animal laws of the Commonwealth of Virginia and the Animal Control Ordinances of the Town of South Boston, which relate to domestic animals. The Animal Control Officer respond to complaints concerning domestic stray and feral animals, contains and transports them to the Halifax County Animal  Shelter.  This position is supervised by a lieutenant.

The Animal Control Officer responds to complaints involving bites by domestic animals and works closely with the Department of Health to resolve these issues, negotiates arguments between residents concerning domestic animals, responds to complaints concerning dangerous animals which have entered the living space of dwelling, responds to complaints of escaped livestock, complaints concerning dangerous domestic animals, complaints concerning sick or injured domestic and wild animals, complaints concerning animal neglect and animal cruelty and assists the public in locating lost animals. Additionally, the Animal Control Officer gives advice concerning nuisance wildlife issues.

The Animal Control officer is also responsible for providing lectures to local groups and also coordinating various programs in order to foster greater awareness of the Town’s animal control ordinances, the humane treatment of animals and a greater sense of compassion toward animals in general.

The Animal Control Officer is responsible for additional duties above and beyond those listed above. Only the basic responsibilities were listed to give you a general idea of what this office does. For more information please contact the South Boston Police Department at 434-575-4273. The Animal Control Facility is located at 1040 Farm Road in South Boston, and can be reached at 434-575-4292.
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