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The Mission of The Town of South Boston

The Government of South Boston exists to promote and sustain an exceptional quality of life for its citizens.  Through cost-effective programs that promote the public health, safety, convenience and welfare, the Town Government seeks to maintain existing roadway, utility, public sanitation, and recreational facilities in superior condition and to develop future facilities; insure that the needs of industry and business are recognized to facilitate future growth; insure that residential areas are provided with healthy surroundings for family life; and insure that the growth of the community is compatible with the efficient and economical use of public funds.
The Government of The Town of South Boston Recognizes That  
  • The chief function of local government at all times is to serve the best interests of all of its citizens

  • Town residents are its customers and deserve the highest quality service its government can provide

  The Government of the Town of South Boston Is Committed To    

  •  The highest ideals of integrity, fairness and trust

  •  Responsibility and accountability by all public servants

  • Clear, concise communication with the public

  •  Public safety for all citizens

  •  Positive solutions to every problem

  •  Maintaining a clean and beautiful community

  • Progressive thinking and problem solving through employee involvement and teamwork