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Meeting Rules & Procedures

The Town Council welcomes and encourages citizen participation in its meetings. To insure fair and timely participation, the following procedures are observed by Council: 

  1. All presenters are asked to come to the podium and state their name and address. 
  2. Each speaker on a general matter is limited to three minutes. 
  3. Speaker’s comments are limited to a presentation on his/her point of view only. Questions of clarification may be entertained only by Council members. 
  4. All comments are to be directed to Town Council. 
  5. Debate between a recognized speaker and audience members or between Council Members and the speaker is not permitted. 
  6. Courtesy between the speaker and audience is expected at all times. 
  7. Speakers are requested to leave any written statement and / or comments with the Town Clerk. 
  8. Presentation to the Council by groups should: 
    a. Obtain prior approval from the Mayor or Town Manager. 
    b. Submit all written materials and data no later than five days prior to the meeting in time to be included in the Council  agenda packet distributed in advance before each regular monthly meeting.
    c. Limit presentations to fifteen minutes. 

The Council also:

  • Allows a brief citizens comment session at the end of each regular meeting;
  • Requests a concise written explanation of each presentation to be made to the Council be included with the agenda packet sent out in advance of the regular Council meeting;
  • Limits any presentation to a maximum of fifteen minutes, without prior approval of the Mayor;