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Boards and Commissions

The Town of South Boston Town Council welcomes the citizens we serve to take an active part in local government.  We welcome our citizens to attend meetings and work sessions to not only see how local government works but to give us your input.  We also want to show case the hard work and effort that our Town personnel put into making our community great.

There are other ways to participate in local government and take a more active role.  One of those means is by participating on local boards and committees that help to steer local government decisions that so greatly impact our area.  Please take some time to review the documents provided below that not only show some of those local boards and commissions that citizens can serve on but also provide the way to participate on these bodies.  If you have any questions please do not hesitate to ask, you can go to the "Get In Touch" section at the bottom of this page and submit your questions and comments, lets get started today.  Thank you for your interest in our Town.

For a list of current boards and commissions along with those current participating.............Click Here

Want to participate on a board or commission complete the volunteer application................Click Here
Once you have completed the volunteer application submit it to the Town Manager's Office to be considered.