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South Boston Enterprise Zone Information


The South Boston Enterprise Zone Program is an economic development program designed to foster business investment and job creation through the provision of both state and local incentives.

Enterprise Zone Objectives:

StickPin Promote the area's revitalization through an increase in economic activity.
StickPin Stimulate private investment and job creation in the area.
StickPin Retain and expand commercial and industrial facilities within the zone.
StickPin Attract new industry and business to vacant sites within the zone.

Enterprise Zone Boundary:

StickPin Downtown Business District, Seymour Drive, John Randolph Blvd (Rt. 360), and the J. Aubrey Houghton Industrial Park.

Local Incentives:

StickPin Town will reimburse business license fees for five years at a rate of 100% year 1; 80% year 2; 60% year 3; and 40 % year 4 &  20% year 5.
StickPin Town will reimburse utility tax payments for five years at a rate of 100% year 1; 80% year 2; 60% year 3; and 40% years 4 & 20% year 5.
StickPin An exemption from permit fees above the minimum charge for building, electrical, plumbing, erosion, sediment control, and rezoning permits.



REAL PROPERTY INVESTMENT GRANT is based on qualified real property investments made by any individual or entity to a commercial, industrial, or mixed use building or facility in an enterprise zone.  The amount of the grant is 20 percent of the total cost of qualified real property investment and is capped per building or facility. The grant is capped at $100,000 per building or facility for investments less than $5 million and $200,000 for investments of $5 million or more.


JOB CREATION GRANTS are based on permanent full time job creation, wage rates of at least 175% of the Federal minimum wage, and the availability of health benefits.  Local service, retail, food and beverage businesses are not eligible to apply for job creation grants.  The amount of the grant will be based on the wages paid for those positions.

For additional information on qualifying for the program, contact:

Tom Raab, Town Manager 
455 Main Street South Boston, VA 24592
Phone:             (434) 575-4200     
Information request -- e-mail:

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