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South Boston Police Department's ??B.K.?? to retire after nearly 30 years of service.


South Boston Police Capt. Brian K. Lovelace, known by many as simply “B.K.,” is retiring effective Oct. 1 after almost 30 years on the force.

Lovelace, flanked by fellow officers including Police Chief Jim Binner and Lt. Dennis Barker, announced his impending retirement at South Boston Town Council’s monthly work session on Monday.

Binner served as Lovelace’s field training officer, and Lovelace in turn served as Barker’s field training officer.

“I loved working with the police department. It was one of the best career moves I’ve ever made,” said Lovelace, who started work with the police department in 1994. “It’s been a heck of a ride, I’ve enjoyed every minute of it, and thanks for the opportunity.”

Council thanked Lovelace for his service to the town, with Mayor Ed Owens recalling when Lovelace joined the police department.

“I knew he’d be a good hire. He brought a level of class to this organization. It will create quite a vacuum in this department, but I know the department will close ranks,” said Owens.

Councilman Bill Snead said he’s never heard anything bad or negative regarding Lovelace’s work with the police department, while Councilwoman Sharon Harris said she’d known Lovelace for most of her life, recognizing him as an “outstanding citizen and a good friend.”

Lovelace assured council he’d remain in the area after retirement.

“He’s still family,” Binner said.