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Substance Abuse Prevention Basketball Tournament 2018

                                               Substance Abuse Prevention Basketball Tournament
          On July 27, 2018 and July 28, 2018, The South Boston Parks and Recreation sponsored their annual Substance Abuse Basketball tournament for youth ranging in age from 13 to 15. This tournament has always been held the last weekend in July with the educational component coming on Friday night. This year there was a video presentation coming from motivational speaker Mr. Eugene Brown whose life story was portrayed in the movie Life of a King. The message for this tournament is always centered around making positive life choices, and avoiding the pitfalls of life, with an emphasis on substance abuse prevention.
          There were only about 40 boys participating in the tournament due to the Virginia Commonwealth Games changing their dates to the last weekend of the month conflicting with our cemented date. The tournament was still deemed a success with spirited, highly contested games and all have an excellent time.
           The tournament consisted of 3 local teams and 1 team from Roxboro, North Carolina.


First Row: Nathan Comer, Terrell Medley, Ta’Shawn Medley and Saeed Buster
Second Row: Zyliek Perkins, Kevon Ferrell, Zachariah Carter and William Dixon
Coached by Jonathan Smalls

First Row: Dustin Grove, Aziyah Easley and Montreel Claiborne
Second Row: Kameron Brigham, Jhamad Lawson, Adam Palmer and Gwayne Alderson (Coach)

First Row: Diontre Martin, Kendall Logan and Tylik Jones
Second Row: Nasir Word, KeJuan Walker, Trey Jones and Malik Jones
Coached by Terrell Venable

Roxboro Bobcats
First Row: Nathan Young, Ariyonna Smart and Ben Pettiford
Second Row: Ty Outlaw, Kody Richardson, Hunter Harris and Rajon Pettiford (Coach)

 Tournament winners:
1st Place – Lakers 
2nd Place – Knicks 
3rd Place – Bulls