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Town Council Meeting Schedule


2018 South Boston Town Council  Meeting  Schedule
Work Sessions Begin at 5: 45 p.m.
Council Meetings Begin at 7:00 p.m.
Location:  502 Yancey Street, South Boston

January 8       Council
January 12          Lee-Jackson Day
January 15         Martin L. King Day
January 16          Joint Mtg. if required
January 29         Work Session

 February 12   Council
February 19        Presidents Day
February 26         Work Session

 March 12     Council
March 26     Work Session

 April 9         Council
April           Joint Meeting
April 30       Work Session

 May 14        Council
May 26        Memorial Day
May 29   (Tues.) Work Session

 June 11        Council
June 25        Work Session

 July 4           Independence Day
July 9           Council
July              Joint Meeting
July 30         Work Session

 August 13    Council       
August 27        Work Session

September 3   Labor Day
September 10       Council
September 24       Work Session
September 30-Oct.2  VML Conference

October 8           Columbus Day
October 9           (Tues.)  Council
October             Joint Meeting
October 29         Work Session

 November 5  Council
November11        Veterans Day
November 26        Work Session
November 22-23   Thanksgiving

 December 10   Council
December 24-25    Christmas Holidays
December 31 & January1 New Years                               

*red text indicates the meeting is scheduled on a day other than the normal 2nd or last Monday

South Boston Town Code   -   Sec. 2-49.  Regular and special meetings; quorum.

 Regular meetings of the town council shall be held in the council chambers on the second and last Mondays in each month; provided, however that if the second Monday is a legal holiday, such meeting shall be held on the first Monday. The mayor or any three members of the town council may call a special meeting, but no business shall be transacted at such special meeting except that for which it was called. A written notice stating the purpose for which a special meeting is called may be issued by the mayor or any three members of the council, but such notice shall not be necessary to the validity of such meeting, provided reasonable written notice shall be given of such meeting. Four members of the council shall constitute a quorum. If a quorum fails to attend, the meeting shall stand adjourned to a day agreed on by a majority of the members present.